Loreto Primary School

Dublin, Ireland

TST Engineeing has been appointed to do a GPR survey, Measured Building survey and Topographical survey of Loreto Primary School in Dublin.

Grafton Street Quarter Project

Dublin, Ireland

A major project carried out to establish the full underground infrastructure to include hidden cellars, pipes, cables, voids in the city center.

EirGrid Interconnector

Dublin, Ireland

TST Asset Protection Services provides the highest level of healt and safety and cables awareness. 


Connah's Quay Project
Flintshire, UK
A recent project was carried out at a Powerstation in Connah's Quay, UK. This project was to establish the location of all underground utilities for a future installation of a HV power line (EWIC).

Merrion Square Project

Dublin, Ireland
TST was contracted to conduct a GPR (Ground Penetration Radar) of a large junction at Merrion square on behalf of Dublin County Council. This was a particularly busy junction and to adapt to that TST carried out the scans during the night. 

Cytec Project

Abenbury Way, UK
TST was contracted to conduct a GPR (Ground Penetration Radar) Survey of the Cytec Plant in Abenbury Way, UK. This survey was to locate all underground utilities in the area before a construction project was to start on the plant.


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Grafton Quarter
EirGrid Interconnector
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