Road Investigations

TST Engineering performs a large number of non-destructive investigations on road infrastructure. The use of GPR technology allows TST to check the thickness of asphalt, embankment and road foundations. These surveys enable our clients to better manage the existing service life of infrastructure, as well as permitting them to select the most accurate and appropriate maintenance and rehabilitation activities.

TST performs these surveys by using the newest technology to investigate large areas quickly, unobtrusively and inexpensively. GPR technology coupled with spot verification has proven to be the most effective way to analyze the continuity of the layers on road embankments. Contrary to traditional invasive methods, such as core sampling, the use of GPR technology, in fact, allows a continuous and linear vision of road infrastructure layers, identifying conditions of discontinuity or irregularity.

Why TST Engineering

They say about us
  • "EirGrid appreciates above all, the reliability and the quality of the work that is carried out on a daily basis by TST". (Philip Jordan, EirGrid)
  • "When they are called, they respond efficiently with a quality team of employees necessary to perform the job of protecting the EWIC". (Conor McNamee, EirGrid)