CCTV Inspection

TST Engineering offers CCTV inspection of pipelines, canals, wells and boreholes. These pipelines are usually used for the transportation of drinking water and non-domestic or industrial wastewater, as well as other liquid or gaseous fluids.

CCTV inspection allows TST Engineering to carry out real-time monitoring while obtaining high resolution videos that are stored for later analysis and reporting. Wheeled motorized robots with high resolution, waterproof cameras are utilized for:

- Inspection of tubes and pipes of any diameter;
- Real-time diagnosis and accurate reporting.

CCTV inspections are used in a variety of water pipes, sewers, wells, underground channels, sewage, gas networks, industrial plants, dams, house systems, ventilation systems. The use of advanced technology, combined with years of experience allows TST Engineering to deliver excellent results on the inspection and management of existing pipelines.

Why TST Engineering

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They say about us
  • "EirGrid appreciates above all, the reliability and the quality of the work that is carried out on a daily basis by TST". (Philip Jordan, EirGrid)
  • "When they are called, they respond efficiently with a quality team of employees necessary to perform the job of protecting the EWIC". (Conor McNamee, EirGrid)