Structural Investigations

TST Engineering offers structural investigative surveys using the latest non intrusive technology on the market. Through the use of high frequency GPR antennas and Profometers, TST Engineering performs spot checks on floors, ceilings, walls, columns, beams and foundations while ensuring precision and accuracy.

Thanks to non-destructive surveys, TST Engineering is able to identify thickness, cracking, integrity and imperfections of any structure. The high frequency radar adopted for these surveys emit a signal able to penetrate a variety of materials including, but not limited to, concrete, stone, tarmac and wood. The radar has the capability to reach a maximum depth of one meter, and there are numerous applications for which non-destructive structural imaging has been found to be invaluable, including:

- Identifying the infrastructures quality;
- Measuring slab thickness;
- Position of beams and pillars;
- Location of hidden architectural features (e.g. chimneys);
- Identification of cracks and structural failure.

Our team of highly qualified technicians collects the required data and transfers it into 3D maps. In conjunction with a 3D map, we provide our clients with a detailed technical report explaining project results.

Why TST Engineering

They say about us
  • "EirGrid appreciates above all, the reliability and the quality of the work that is carried out on a daily basis by TST". (Philip Jordan, EirGrid)
  • "When they are called, they respond efficiently with a quality team of employees necessary to perform the job of protecting the EWIC". (Conor McNamee, EirGrid)