EDIS™ is a digital image that provides an aerial view of the road surface. It combines all underground service maps with all visible surface features.
Reading simple maps of underground utilities can be difficult to understand by users with limited knowledge of the survey site. To remedy this problem, TST Engineering has created EDIS™, a service that brings together a photographic reality of the surface with the horizontal and vertical alignment of underground utilities.

With EDIS™ photographs are taken from an elevated point of view while recording the existing geographic coordinates. This gives a clear description of the general area of interest; highlighting the position of the surface elements in relation to the underground utilities. In this way, our clients can find information that does not appear visible on a simple digital map, such as, the real morphology and characteristics of the area in question.

Our clients can easily use EDIS™ images to identify the location of underground services and plan the position of new pipelines and networks with accuracy. EDIS™ is the best answer for those clients who do not have the opportunity to frequently visit the site; therefore, achieving significant savings in cost and time in relation to site visits.

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