Environmental Investigations

Combining geospatial capability with extensive data management expertise, TST Engineering can provide a tailored package of environmental investigative services highlighting the client’s risks associated with development.

Environmental surveys include all aspects covered in the study of the underground, such as: identification of high concentrations of hydrocarbons, identification of wells, aquifers and rock layers, as well as the study of the state of degradation of leachate at landfills.

All results are presented to the client in a virtual 2D or 3D reconstructive digital map which highlights the condition of the identified area. When reconstructing the digital terrain surface, TST can combine their results with other subsoil information, obtaining integrated 3D models. Environmental investigations reach their maximum potential when supplemented with further analysis of site investigations, including:

- Surveying the boundary of works;
- 3D terrain model;
- Surveys conducted with three-dimensional laser scanners.

TST Engineering’s operational practice builds firmly on inherent respect for health and safety while maintaining a promise to always protect and preserve the environment.

Why TST Engineering

They say about us
  • "EirGrid appreciates above all, the reliability and the quality of the work that is carried out on a daily basis by TST". (Philip Jordan, EirGrid)
  • "When they are called, they respond efficiently with a quality team of employees necessary to perform the job of protecting the EWIC". (Conor McNamee, EirGrid)