Inspection of Tunnels and Bridges

TST Engineering with the use of Ground Penetrating Radar can deliver vital information in support of planning maintenance work on bridges, tunnels and other traffic infrastructure. Identifying early faults and predicting the remaining service life of bridge decks and tunnels are frequently used preventive measures achieved through this service. Any progressive deterioration of tunnel walls can lead to the collapse of the tunnel structure. As is evident, preliminary inspection of the tunnel’s structure and the conditions of the surrounding soil is very important.

The Geo-Radar is a tool that allows TST to see through asphalt, concrete, pavement and bridge deck structures. This enables the identification of gaps, areas of subsidence and other irregularities before they become a serious problem.

Today, thanks to radar technology, TST Group can perform a wide range of diagnostic tests on structures while automatically acquiring and storing digitized radar data on hard disks for later display and analysis. Results include the identification of:

- Thickness of concrete and rebars cover;
- Position of the rebars and arched tunnels;
- Presence of cavities, moisture and water;
- Faults within concrete structures;
- Analysis of the structure’s inner wall;
- Measurement of wall thickness;
- Detection of structural defects.

Why TST Engineering

They say about us
  • "EirGrid appreciates above all, the reliability and the quality of the work that is carried out on a daily basis by TST". (Philip Jordan, EirGrid)
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