Radar Slit Trench

TST Engineering proposes a service known as Radar Slit Trench™.
Radar Slit Trench™ is a Digital trench for determining the location and depth of the underground utilities with the utilization of Ground Probing Radar and other detection techniques.

Traditional methods such as slit trenches and trial holes have been used to locate the position and depth of buried utilities; this results in the exposure of the utilities within the excavation area. These standard procedures typically only offer a width of up to 1m and a depth of 1.5 m from ground level.

These traditional methods have several disadvantages; any other utility which run immediately parallel to the trench and outside of the excavation boundary remains covered and unknown. Other utilities may lie immediately a few inches deeper than the achieved depth of excavation, remaining unknown and invisible. Moreover, in order to carry out the excavation, specific permits are usually required to open the road and manage the traffic disruption. When the trench is completed, a reinstatement is required.

These operations can be both time consuming and expensive for the client. To resolve these issues, TST Engineering offers Radar Slit Trench™ achieving the following:

- Creation of digital Trenches with depths between 1 and 3 meters below the ground surface;
- Identification of the location and depth of all services within the required area;
- Identification of the size and typology of underground services.

Thanks to Radar Slit Trench™, TST Engineering provides:

- Optimized costs;
- Results are obtained faster (reduce time by half);
- Minimizes the risk of damage to the networks;
- Minimizes the interruption time of traffic flow;
- No need for disrupting the normal traffic flows;
- No need of reinstatement.

The procedures for Radar Slit Trench™ are faster and safer than ordinary ones. Radar Slit Trench™ has been used successfully on several projects enabling TST Engineering to provide precise results at a fraction of the normal price.

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