Connah's Quay Project

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A recent project was carried out at a Powerstation in Connah’s Quay, UK. This project was to establish the location of all underground utilities for a future installation of a HV power line (EWIC).

TST was contracted to conduct a GPR (Ground Penetration Radar) and Laser Scanner survey of the area where this power line is located at Connah’s Quay.  The GPR survey was conducted to render a full 3D underground model of all underground utilities in the area including the HV Power line.

TST’s new laser scanning capability meant that the entire area was surveyed with in-depth detail in no time at all. The laser scanner is placed on top of a vehicle to increase efficiency and reduce the amount of scans required. 


The scans are then conducted seamlessly at specified locations and return an image that is used when creating the 3D above ground model. This cutting edge technology grants exponentially improving accuracy as well as saving time during a laser scanner survey.